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Programme on Health Care

India is one of those countries where the individual incurs the largest out-of-pocket
expenses on health as a percentage of private expenditure on health. The current situation
of high preference for private facility and lack of adequate insurance mechanism along with
insufficient government facility is likely to imply that the poor in India will bear the brunt of
higher healthcare costs.
The voluntary sector is now emerging as an effective healthcare provider for the
underprivileged. With our limited resources we try to provide basic healthcare services to the
poor living in urban slums where poor people live and where hardly any government
healthcare facilities reach/Through our healthcare program we provide a variety of healthcare
services to the underprivileged people living in rural areas and urban slums. We hold regular
medical check-up camps and detected the following common ailments –
– High blood pressure.
– Stomach/liver ailments due to malnutrition, consumption of poor quality food and excessive alcohol.
– Breathing ailments due to smoking and tobacco consumption.
– Dental problems due to poor hygiene and gutka chewing.
– Occupational hazards such as lungs problems in rickshaw pullers, cervical spondylosis