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HIV AIDS Awareness Programme

HIV AIDS Awareness Generation Camps by SRBSS NGO :-

During the year under report tan awareness generation camps on HIV AIDS were organized in of District- Thane to aware the people about precautionary measures to check the HIV AIDS effects. More than 500 people both men and women participated in these camps.
Health’s checkup arrangements were also done in these camps.
It is estimated that by the end of 20th century there were 40 million people infected with HIV
all over the world and India has been leading with the highest number of cases (ranging from 10-20 million).
We may not be infected but will definitely be affected indirectly by it.
Hence, it is a duty of every citizen of India to have detailed knowledge about this disease”. Due to lack of knowledge about AIDS people have fear in their mind against the victims of this disease. Because of fear of social boycott, AIDS patients and their relatives hide their HIV status. Many doctors (due to fear of getting infection) also refuse
to treat these patients. There is danger of AIDS for everybody and only thing that can save us
is to be completely informed.
“AIDS, Difficult to get, Impossible to cure but, Easy to prevent”
AIDS is Acquired – must do something to contract Immune – ability to fight off infectious agents Deficiency – lack of
Syndrome – cluster of symptoms that are Characteristic for a disease
HIV is:
Human – isolated to the human species
Immunodeficiency – Lacking the ability to fight off infectious agents
Virus – a disease causing agent